Resin Bound Driveways

Resin bound driveways is the number 1 use for resin bound gravel applications throughout Cumbria. The best way of rejuvenating the look and appearance of your drive is to overlay your existing with resin bound gravel. So long as the substrate is sound, CHB can provide you with a resin bound solution giving a modern contemporary finish to any driveway.

For those wanting to add additional car parking spaces to their property it can require planning permission depending on materials specified. Using a resin bound gravel driveway, with open texture tarmac on an 803 compacted sub-base, provides a fully suds compliant solution meaning no planning permission required!



No Puddles

Resin bound surfaces are porous, allowing water to naturally soak away. This helps reduce flooding and keeps tree roots supplied with rainwater.


Drain Covers Blend In

We replace your drains with inset covers to ensure you get the best look and continuous surface you always wanted.


No Loose Stones

The look of gravel without the maintenance or mess. Natural gravel looks stunning but without the resin bound can be a real pain.


Great Accessibility

Whether for commercial or residential installations, a resin bound driveway means no loose stones and perfect grip for wheelchairs, pushchairs and cycles to move freely.


Be Creative

Customise your drive whether its a pattern including curves, motifs, letters, logos and numbers to create contrasting borders or personalised decorative effects.


Easy Maintenance

A quick sweep will remove leaves. Moss can be pressure-washed away. You can clean the surface with a power washer without damaging it.

Get in TOuch

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